Yes,our booking system is mobile responsive and can be used across multiple devices.

All browsers. Our remotely hosted web platform run flawlessly with all major browsers.

Yes, you can use Ski hire software front end on another websites.

Yes,you can change language in regional settings. The default (English) titles and other front-end and back-end contents will change based on regional settings preferred language.

Yes,Ski hire software provides a real time updation of all relevant details of all bookings and transactions.

Yes, we have cancelation configuration where you can configure your cancelation policies. You can also process refunds to the customers.

Yes, we have promo code management there you can create discount codes for your customer

No,Ski Hire Software comes with a default front page. We can also help you to create a simple one-page website that can link to the Ski Hire Software. We can also offer you full web design, email and hosting services if required.

Yes, We do limited white label for Ski hire Software

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